A Veggie & Vegan Guide to Liverpool

Veggie Baby

We welcomed our first child into the world in April 2018.  His name is Rory and we are absolutely besotted.

Whilst neither of us were raised as vegetarians and both came to vegetarianism at age 7 and 18, we do wish to raise our child as a vegetarian within our little veggie family.  He will be starting on solids in a couple of months so we want to be prepared in respect of a plan for his food.

So if anyone has any tips or ideas for veggie baby food or any recommendations on how to ensure that he will get all the nutrients he needs on a vegetarian diet then drop us a message on email or on our instagram page, as we are all ears.

We will also be sure to post on this page any tips, recipes and any (inevitable) mistakes that we make along the way.

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