A Veggie & Vegan Guide to Liverpool


We're Ashley and Claire

We started 'Veggie Liverpool' in September 2017...mainly because we felt like there wasn't enough pictures of people's food on the internet (ha!).  We enjoyed doing the IG page and blog but didn't expect to gain over 3000 followers in the first 7 months.  We also didn't expect to find out we were having a baby the month after we started it so it's definitely been a fun 12 months! 

We have made a lot of friends on the Liverpool food and drink scene since we started and have loved exploring Liverpool's amazing selection of restaurants, new and old, even more than we did before.  

We also became proud allotment owners on Valentines Day this year (one of us wasn't as happy about this Valentines gift as the other). 


I'm a just turned 30 year old primary school teacher by day, professional eater by night. I became vegetarian when I was 17, mainly due to ethical reasons, and mostly because I feel that eating meat is unnecessary in todays world. I've been trying veganism the past year, and most things we cook at home are plant based but I am really struggling when we eat out (which we do a lot) and vegan options are few and far between, but I will do it! 

I'm in charge of the day to day running of our allotment although Claire must have the last say in any changes. It's a bigger job than we expected when we got it in February, but it's all a learning curve and all tips on home grown food will be on our allotment page.


I am a 28 year old trainee solicitor and a professional "food snob", according to my family.

I’m unsure of the exact age that I became a vegetarian but it started around 5 years old when my Nan gave me fish with the skin on for tea and it suddenly clicked that this was the fish in the sea, an actual animal!  I then started refusing to eat certain meats and by aged 7, the only meat I ate was chicken.  Even then I would cut that up and try to push it around my plate and pretend I'd ate it.  I'm from a heavy meat eating family so they struggled to adapt at first, think baked bean pizzas from Iceland (pretty sure this is why I hate baked beans now!) and a Dad who thought that if he put the chicken under a bed of lettuce I would just eat it. Thankfully, after some initial reluctance, my mum and stepdad got on board and were really creative with their vegetarian cooking which has given me a passion for good fresh vegetarian food, of which there is lots to find in Liverpool!


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