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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Nonnos Lark Lane

It's always exciting when we're invited to a dedicated vegetarian or vegan night to try a restaurant's menu. Not having many options to choose from is something you just get used to when you turn veggie so we were super excited to get to try Nonnos on Lark Lane.

It's great when a restaurant make an effort to create a veggie/vegan menu that doesn't consist solely of halloumi burgers or sweet potato curry and Nonnos have done just this.

On our table, there was a selection of olives and prosecco to greet us which we were more than happy about and soon the food started to arrive.

To start was a caprese salad, with the creamiest buffalo mozzarella which sat perfectly atop a tower of tomatoes with fresh basil to garnish.

Following that was a range of garlic breads, including one topped with vegan cheese (which was delightful), and then the deep fried goats cheese balls made an appearance drizzled with honey and we couldn't resist.

Since opening in February, we have only heard great things about Nonno's pizzas.  We have been meaning to pop our heads in for a while and they definitely didn't disappoint. Four different pizzas arrived, one veggie tomato and olive, one cheese-less vegan veg pizza, a spicy vegan broccoli and onion with plant based cheese and their classic margherita. All were absolutely amazing and as strong believers that you can judge a pizza joint from their cheese and tomato pizza, this place is definitely worth a visit.

When we thought the food was over, we were presented with a vegan mushroom risotto alongside a veggie tomato pasta. The risotto was great, and was actually so good, that we had to double check that it was actually made with all plant based products.

At the end, a little sweet treat turned up. Pizza base, smothered in chocolate and topped with strawberries, what an absolute dream!

All the food that we tried that evening was great and this restaurant, in one of our favourite areas, is perfect for taking meat eating friends where you can enjoy multiple options of great food.


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