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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto (Ve)

As November is nearly over and the weather has well and truly wintered, our allotment harvest isn't huge, apart from the Jerusalem artichokes, that neither one of us had tried until we made this.
The recipe made 2 very large portions.


  • 1 x Onion
  • 2 x Small Peppers (I chose yellow as that was what I needed to use up from the fridge)
  • 5 x Jerusalem Artichokes
  • 6 x Chestnut Mushrooms
  • 2 Sprigs of Rosemary
  • 100g Arborio Rice
  • 1l Stock (I use Marigold Vegan Stock)
First, finely chop the onion and peppers. Peel and chop the artichokes, and keep the peel to one side.

Heat a little olive oil in a pan and gently fry the onions, peppers and artichokes, with the lid on, until the peppers are soft and the artichokes are starting to brown.

Slice the mushrooms and fry for a couple of minutes and chuck in the sprigs of rosemary.

Whilst the mixture is browning, put a handful of peelings onto a baking tray with a little olive oil and salt and put in the oven for 15 minutes.

When the ingredients are soft, add the rice and fry it dry, stirring occasionally until the rice becomes slightly translucent.

Slowly, add a splash of stock every couple of minutes, waiting until it is all soaked in before adding any more.

When all your stock is soaked in, your risotto is ready to plate.

Season appropriately.

Finish it with the roasted crispy peelings for garnish.

Finally, enjoy.


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