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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Love Thy Neighbour - New Menu

We are not first timers when it comes to dining at Love Thy Neighbour so we were excited to head down to try their new menu
…and we were not disappointed.

We were welcomed into the stylish venue by a delightful waitress who made the whole experience of dining at Love Thy Neighbour, seamless from start to finish.  She was very knowledgeable about the menu and happy to answer any of our inane questions about it.  We started by ordering an Espresso Martini and a ‘mocktail’, the latter of which wasn’t on the menu but they were more than happy to accommodate us on this.  
A little known fact about Veggie Liverpool is that, not only are we self proclaimed experts on all the vegetarian hotspots in Liverpool, we are quite the Espresso Martini connoisseurs so it was a no brainer that we had to try LTN’s offering.  It was a damn good Espresso Martini but…if were honest, we would recommend enjoying their food with one of the many other drinks on offer and then afterwards heading a few feet up the road to Tabac for the ‘Best Espresso Martini in the North West’– bold claim but we will take down anyone who wants to argue otherwise!  

The most striking thing about the new menu was the vast choice for veggies and vegans alike, being more used to the 1, 2 or if we’re really lucky, 3(!) options available at the majority of restaurants it took us longer than usual to make a choice about what to eat.  After much deliberation, the final decision was made…spiced falafel, sweet potato fries, lettuce cup tacos and pearl barley risotto.  

It all came together looking amazing…there appears to be something more refined about this new menu and it was a welcome change.  The lettuce cup tacos were an absolute game changer, the avocado and butternut squash filling was so good together and for a ‘small plate’ it was a big portion, although it was so delicious we still wanted more.  Now there are numerous places to get great falafel on Bold Street (think Bakchich and Kasbah to name just two) but this falafel holds it’s own.  They taste fresh and healthier than some of their other counterparts and the chilli vegan yoghurt, spicy rich sauce and cucumber & mint buckwheat were the perfect accompaniment to make this falafel dish stand out from the crowd.  

Sweet potato fries are rarely bad but the gherkins on the fries were a revelation – never will we eat sweet potato fries without a side of gherkins and some tahini ever again!

To finish off our meal we couldn’t resist the pecan pie with biscoff ice cream.  Honestly, if you have never tried Golden Lion vegan biscoff ice cream you NEED to make devouring a whole tub of this your first priority! On arrival we were told that this was a “raw vegan” pecan pie…one of us being quite the ‘Bake Off’ aficionado was not entirely on board with the idea of raw/vegan bakes but, although not fully converted, this was definitely something that we wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

Bold Street is renowned for its high turnover of restaurants but for the sake of all veggies in Liverpool we hope that this one, with it’s great veggie options and chilled out vibe, will be a staple for many years to come…so if you’re veggie or vegan then please get yourself down there immediately to make sure that this local independent continues to thrive!


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